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Cook / Prep Cook PC

Company: Pasta Cafe Italian Bistro
Location: Roswell
Posted on: January 4, 2022

Job Description:

Prepare salads, appetizers, and various foods outlined on the food item prep sheet. - -
Carry miscellaneous weights up to 75lbs.
Extensive cleaning from ceiling - to floor is mandatory. -
Read and write as well as verbally communicate. -Physical functions:
Adjust, bend, break, carve, clean, clear, close, connect, control, cut, dial, fasten, finish, fold, gather, guide, handle, hear, hold, insert, lift, load, lock, maintain, make, mix, open, place, polish, position, pour, print, pull, push, remove, scrape, secure, separate, sort, speak, switch, tighten, transport, turn, unload, weigh, write -Mental functions:
Advise, calculate, classify, compare, coordinate, detect, estimate, evaluate, influence, inspect, instruct, interpret, measure, observe, organize, plan, read, record, select, sort, supervise, verify -METHODS, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES:Grill: - Read ticket, make sandwiches, place various food items on grill, and then grill them, - interact in very close quarters.
Saut: Read ticket, saut (pan cook) various items
Broil: - Select correct items, broil various items to correct temperature, place item onto - - - plate, read tickets, stock various items, interact in very close quarters
Cut Prime Rib: - Read ticket and select correct temperature of - Prime Rib. - Remove and place - - - Prime Rib on cutting area, slice proper size, weigh and replace Prime. - Place cut piece on plate. - Interact in very close quarters.
Set and Present Plates: - Read ticket, select correct plate size, organize plates, check order, check ticket times, interact in very close quarters.
Fry: Read ticket, select breading, select and fry various items. - Place in fryer basket, select times for items on computerized fryer, remove items from basket, place in warmer, then organize and place on appropriate place. Interact in very close quarters.
Cut meats and fish: - Select , weigh and record proper meat/ fish for the day. - Select and sharpen knives, cut meat/ fish properly, obtain proper percentages, wrap and date and return to cooler all in a certain time frame. - Interact in limited space.
Prepare salads, appetizers, various foods on food item prep list: - Select various items and quantity to be prepared for that day, record items that need to be prepared and that are prepared. - Slice, chop, cut, trim, etc. various items in a certain time frame. - Interact in limited space. -ALL THE ESSENTIAL DUTIES OUTLINED ABOVE INCLUDE:Extensive cleaning after every shift from floor to ceiling
Ladder use
Lifting weights up to 75 lbs.
Preparation in a certain time frame ( usually all tasks to be completed in a 7-9 hour shift).
Preparation for all food items according to company policy and procedure -OUTPUT:Daily tasks in each area have their own certain time limit. - Expected outcome is above satisfactory according to managers judgment. - Unsatisfactory outcome results in written and/or oral warning. - Continued unsatisfactory outcome may result in termination. -EQUIPMENT, AIDS, TOOL MATERIALS:Work surface: - Any where from 3ft x 3ft, to 4ft x 10ft stainless steel/ wooden -counter tops that are stationary. - Tile floors.
Controls: - knobs, levers toggles, that reach from head to toe.
Equipment: - Hazardous electrical equipment involving heat and sharp blades. Miscellaneous knives. Equipment with moving parts, IE: - mixers, blenders, slicers, food processors, etc.
-Materials: - Various foods. - Some chemicals for cleaning.
Aids: - Various pots and pans, carts, utensils scales, back support belts available
-WORKING CONDITIONS:70 to 110 degrees indoor/ outdoor, humid and wet
Medium to high noise level
Possibility of cuts, bruises, burns, infections, shock, explosions and slips and falls
Exposed to odors, gases, fumes
Bright light level
Ventilation moderate to low
Radiation (microwave)
Cramped spaces
-SUPERVISION CONTROL:Workers are responsible for all assigned work in the area. - Report to the General Manager, Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager, Corporate Management, Owner. -Required qualifications:

  • Legally authorized to work in the United StatesPreferred qualifications:
    • 16 years or older

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